In the Beginning:

Priscilla had always cherished the quilts made by her aunts and grandmothers, however it wasn’t until 1975 until she started with her first quilt. Priscilla had been in business and frequently made clothes for herself and her daughter, she also had creative outlets with painting and music. After making her first quilt, she amazed others with the enthusiasm that she took to the craft. Initially she hand-stitched gorgeous traditional quilts, thinking it a sacrilege to machine quilt. Eventually her creative side erupted into experimenting with twists on the traditional in terms of pattern and color. Her keen native sense of color and design lead to what is now a number of ventures into expanding on quilting into other fiber art avenues, including mixed media. Unusual for many artists, Priscilla has a real passion for teaching. She has successfully launched hundreds of quilters and fabric artists. Established fabric artists also clamor for Priscilla’s classes. Priscilla always keeps classes low stress, and easily adapts to the level and needs of each individual student. She has many hundreds of examples of her own beautiful work to share with students as well as the general public. She occasionally sells and does commission work, so feel free to contact her if you are interested in purchasing one of her works.

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